Pella Area Jobs

Service Manager

Posted: 02/14/2021

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General Function:

Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer service, and ensures that customer's needs are met. Supervises and coordinates the activities of employees or performs the work of all job levels.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Maintains a positive attitude; creates an atmosphere of friendliness and fun through flexibility and teamwork. Generates a friendly atmosphere by encouraging employees to greet and speak to customers; providing prompt, courteous, and efficient service to customers and sets a good example.
2. Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer service by exhibiting caring, concern and patience in all customer interactions and treating customers as the most important people in the store.
3. Smiles and greets customers in a friendly manner, whether the encounter takes place in the employee's designated department or elsewhere in the store.
4. Makes an effort to learn customers' names and to address them by name whenever possible.
5. Assists customers by: (examples include)
· escorting them to the products they're looking for
· securing products that are out of reach
· loading or unloading heavy items
· making note of and passing along customer suggestions or requests
· performing other tasks in every way possible to enhance the shopping experience.
6. Answers the telephone promptly and provides friendly, helpful service to customers who call.
7. Performs as a leader and role model and maintains positive employee relations.
8. Plans, prepares, and adjusts work schedules and assigns employees to specific duties and follows up to ensure duties are properly completed in a timely manner.
9. Supervises and coordinates activities of employees in all areas of the store (in Department Managers absence) or performs the work necessary at all job levels.
10. Recruits and interviews job applicants to recommend or determine employment.
11. Learns to formulate pricing philosophies or merchandise, following guidelines established by the Store Director.
12. Ensures proper customer service throughout the store and addresses specific customer issues.
13. Evaluates employee performance to recommend personnel actions in their respective area such as promotion, transfer, or dismissal.
14. Trains and enforces safety procedures to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees and customers and fills out customer accident forms. Works safely to prevent on-the-job injuries, fills out first report of injury, and assigns light duty as necessary.
15. Compiles, stores, retrieves, and understands managerial data (i.e. sales, inventory reports, ad and display projections/actuals, etc.)
16. Orders merchandise (new product, promotional, seasonal, or to replenish merchandise on hand), verifies delivery of merchandise, ensures quality, compares record with merchandise ordered, and reports discrepancies.
17. Trains workers in store policies, department procedures, and job duties.
18. Ensures compliance of employees with established policy/law, security, sales, and record keeping procedures and practices.
19. Determines location of ad and promotional displays, ensures product quality and quantities to meet customer and store demands and profitability.
20. Confers with employees and assists in solving problems affecting job performance and of established policies and procedures.
21. Explains store services to potential personal and business account customers to generate additional business for the store.
22. Understands the basics of store accounting.
23. Maintains strict adherence to department and company guidelines related to personal hygiene and dress.
24. Adheres to company policies and individual store guidelines.
25. Reports to work when scheduled and on time.

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Determines the motivational needs of employees and provides the appropriate environment.
2. Stays current with market trends and information (i.e.; competition, new products, equipment, merchandising techniques).
3. Provides continuous education for existing store employees regarding new and updated company and store policies, procedures, and job duties.
4. Sells merchandise to company employees, customers or issues merchandise upon requisition by authorized personnel (inter-store transfers). Handles cash registers.
5. Recommends cost reduction programs.
6. Reviews personnel records to ensure completeness, accuracy, and timeliness and understands the basics of the payroll system.
7. Recommends additions, deletions and shelf allocation of merchandise to be sold in any department.
8. Assists in other areas of store as needed.
9. Performs other job related duties and special projects as required.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Instructing, assigning work, reviewing work, planning the work of others, maintaining standards, allocating personnel, and coordinating the activities of others. Selects new employees and acts on employee problems. Has the authority to recommend and approve employee transfers, promotions, discipline, discharge, and salary adjustments.

Education and Experience:
High School or equivalent experience. Two years or more of similar or related work experience preferred.