Pella Area Jobs

Police Communications Specialist / Dispatcher

Hourly rate: $22.05.

Description: Full-time position, varying shifts. Incumbents are responsible for dispatching police, ambulance, and fire personnel and performing administrative support activities. Duties include: answering emergency and non-emergency calls; providing radio communications with police officers and other law enforcement personnel, EMS crews, and fire department personnel; answering requests for information from personnel in the field; dispatching emergency personnel; performing administrative support such as maintaining records and files; logging information coming into the communications office; maintaining and updating files; registering bicycles; sending and receiving messages on the state and national computer systems for public safety personnel; responding to walk-in customers; receiving payment for fines or designated City services; processing and monitoring detainees in the holding facility; and entering citations, parking tickets, arrest information, and accident reports into databases.

Position requirements: Iowa/NCIC Certification within six (6) weeks after date of hire; Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification within six (6) weeks after date of hire; Jail Administrator Certification within one (1) year after date of hire; residency within a 20 minute drive time of the worksite. Residency must be established within sixty (60) days. High school diploma required. Interested parties may apply online at Applications will be received until position is filled. E.O.E.